The whole earth is going to be filled with His glory.

(Psalm 72:19)

These books reveal the hidden things in the word of God, which so many have skipped over and forgotten, in order to bless God.

Across 5 books, Brother Philip Husbandman has diligently looked into the Lord God’s will, work, word and way.

Christ's Angel, a book by Philip Husbandman

Christ’s Angel


Published 2021
ISBN 978-0-9847363-4-8


THIS BOOK gives you (A) WHAT you needed to know; and (B) WHEN to be ready; and (C) WHERE to be to go; with (D) WHY and HOW to read this book, which is “TO HEAR from a servant TO HEAR from God.” THIS BOOK presents the scam of Calvary Chapel: Hopefully, its leadership can get with the merciful program of God IN Christ for their Rapture by Translation into the Manifest light of this world on the Last Day of Pentecost. THIS BOOK contains The Answers of God from Christ’s angel, plus the Testimony of Christ; including valuable information for the 144,000 Jews of the diaspora; and important instruction for the worldwide Church of Rome on how to be safe during the Great Tribulation, which is going to come upon all who are not silently waiting upon the Lord.


In short, Christ’s Angel is about how to escape the coming judgment of God, which begins in the churches of men.

The Abomination

Published 2023
ISBN 978-0-9847363-3-1

The reason for this book is less about the accursed being able to believe in its contents; and is more about the so-called ‘ignorance is bliss’ syndrome has come to an end. Consequently, this book marks the corporate churches of men, as evil administrations, which are in danger of becoming wicked. WARNING: The day that God marks the churches of men, as wicked, is the day that Christ comes to stamp every last one of them out! Not some few of these accursed places of men are already so wickedly orientated, that they believe that they are good in their own sight! DOGMATICALLY, nothing of men is good in the sight of God. This is because what is of men is the ABOMINATION unto the promised desolation, which is coming SOON to a church near YOU! Thank God…

In short, The Abomination gives the Biblical definition of 151 glad tidings of what is said to be the good news; and outlines the deception of the churches of men.

The Abomination, a book by Philip Husbandman
Your Salvation in Today Christianity, a book by Philip Husbandman

Your Salvation in Today Christianity

Published 2019
ISBN 978-0-692-08972-9


Asking God to bless us, while we are not into being a blessing to Him is an accursed position to be in. Note the reason for blessing Almighty God: Because He gives us a light to lighten others, which light is the glory of His people. Please do not change this truth of God, who is to be blessed, worshiped and served as the Creator in glory.


In short, Your Salvation In Today Christianity is all about the darkness that is against—the spirit.

True Life Stranger than Fiction

Published April 2016
ISBN 978-0-692-53376-5

Christ and His apostles and faithful ministers have had all that they have done discounted because of what they have said unto this day. However, the life of Christ is manifest in them as the shining light unto those who can be in the same spirit of faith within them unto this day. Herein the face of Christ is manifest as the acceptable image of God in the people of God for the glory of God. Everything unseen is presently within those of eternity as the heavens on earth, which are to be entered into for a heavenly experience.

In short, True Life Stranger Than Fiction is all about the darkness that is against—the light.

Find the Meaningful Life, a book by Philip Husbandman

Find the Meaningful Life

Published 2011
ISBN 978-0-9847363-0-0

Everything That Your Church Does Not Want You to Know About Heaven and Love! The whole world has been put into Christmas without the gospel; just as the whole church has been put into the gospel without grace. This is why married and unmarried people are in lusty relationships that are without freedom and liberty. Heaven has become a thing for science fiction, while love has become a story. Lust has replaced love through its easy user interface—infatuation, which is often said to be that little fuzzy thing that makes us rush into things without thinking things through. This is why many people are unknowingly fighting against love with lust. This is why we are going to set forth the knowledge of God, which is for heaven and love.

In short, Find the Meaningful Life is all about the darkness that is against—love.

These books are dedicated to the readers who he hopes will hear from him to hear from the Lord.